Friday, February 12, 2010

The Weekender: State Of Saluki Hoops Edition

The SIU men's basketball team has gone through several stages since Chris Lowery took over at his alma mater following the groundwork laid by Bruce Weber and Matt Painter.

To represent the phases of Saluki hoops, I dug deep into my archive of women that I wish I could be with but cannot because, in truth, I'm just a lonely blogger looking for someone special to spend my Valentine's Day weekend with.

Unfortunately, we will not be spending it with any of the ladies that will be featured in this blog.  If I'm lucky, the calendar will fast forward me to April to reconnect with my true love, baseball.

2004-05 27-8 :: Absolute Eye-Candy
Chris Lowery's first year at the helm was quite surprise as he rode Darren Brooks' second consecutive MVC Player of the Year award to glory.  SIU won the Valley's regular season title but lost to SMS in the Valley tournament after the team blew a 20-point lead.  Shortly after the loss, Saluki fans started the first known Fire Chris Lowery group on Facebook.

2005-06: 22-11 :: Overcoming the odds.

Mariah Carey has overcome her fair share of adversity, and so did this edition of the Saluki basketball team.  Without Darren Brooks and Stetson Hairston, SIU won the MVC Tournament for the first time since the Clinton Administration.

Southern did it by knocking off Bradley in the title game and unseating Patrick O'Bryant, who would would go on to be an O'Bust in the NBA.

2006-07:  29-7:  The pinnacle of the Chris Lowery Era.

Scarlett J is everything we want in a woman.  The Sweet 16 Salukis were everything we could ask for in a basketball team.  Nothing more needs to be written here.

2007-08:  18-15 :: A Disappointment

Like Britney Spears during her experimental phase, we wouldn't want to bring home an 18-15 record and a bid to the NIT home to mother, but it was better than the alternative.

2008-09:  13-18 :: The First Step Of Rehab 

We wouldn't kick Lindsay Lohan out of bed for eating crackers, nor would we say no to to a bump in the road if it meant bringing in the greatest recruiting coup in school history.  Too bad the Salukis didn't develop and after harsh beatings vs. Duke and UCLA at Madison Square Garden, and another season-ending Mullins boo-boo, SIU suffered its first losing season since the end of the Rich Herrin Era.

2009-10:  13-11:  The tease. 

This team has the characteristics of an ex-girlfriend of mine.  Attractive, yes.  Strong start, yes.  The crumbling finish is in the process as the SIU team that was once 9-2 and holding a lead against Illinois State in the second half is on the way to finishing below .500 in Valley play for the second straight year.

Unfortunately, that girlfriend looked nothing like Jessica Simpson.  We'd probably still be together if she did.

That's all I've got and that's all you'll get.  Enjoy your weekend!


Anonymous said...

How about a pic of Betty White for them now? Wait, no, she is more attractive than this team. And I think, according to the Super Bowl commercial, she has a better record.

TBDS said...


I really wanted to go with a pic of Amy Winehouse but didn't wanna scare away our readers.

Thanks for reading.

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